Explore Digha

Enjoy the Beaches

Digha Beach

Unwind on the golden sands of Digha Beach, where you can take leisurely strolls, build sandcastles, and watch the gentle waves kiss the shore.

Mandarmani Beach

Take a short drive to Mandarmani Beach, known for its long stretches of pristine shoreline. You can enjoy beach activities like ATV rides and water sports.

Talsari Beach

Explore the tranquility of Talsari Beach, where you can witness the confluence of the river and sea. The surrounding casuarina trees add to the scenic beauty.

Witness Marine Life

Marine Aquarium and Research Centre

Discover the fascinating world beneath the sea at this center. The center houses a diverse collection of marine species, including various fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and other aquatic creatures. Visitors have the opportunity to observe and learn about the rich marine biodiversity found along the Bay of Bengal coast.  It’s home to a variety of marine species and offers an educational experience for all ages.

Digha Science Center

Explore the interactive exhibits and planetarium, making it a fun and informative visit for families and science enthusiasts. It is designed to promote scientific awareness and curiosity among visitors, especially students and families. It aims to spark curiosity and a love for science in people of all ages and backgrounds, making it an excellent place to learn and have fun while visiting Digha

Visit Amarabati Park

This beautiful park features well-maintained gardens, a musical fountain, and a lake with boating facilities. It’s a lovely place to spend a relaxing evening with your loved ones. It offers a serene and picturesque setting for both locals and tourists to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the region. Families with children can take advantage of the children’s play area, which includes swings, slides, and other fun equipment. Amarabati Park serves as a lovely retreat for those seeking a break from the beach or a peaceful place to enjoy the outdoors. It’s a popular spot for families, nature enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a moment of relaxation amid the natural beauty of Digha.

Explore Shankarpur

Take a day trip to Shankarpur, a serene fishing village known for its unspoiled beaches. Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and try some of the fresh seafood at local shacks. It is a serene and less-crowded alternative to the bustling Digha Beach, offering travelers a peaceful getaway by the sea. Shankarpur Beach is known for its pristine and less-crowded shoreline. It’s an ideal destination for travelers looking for a quieter beach experience and long, peaceful walks by the sea. The best time to visit Shankarpur is during the winter months (November to February) when the weather is pleasant and the sea is calm. It’s an excellent time for beach activities and leisurely exploration. Whether it’s a quiet escape or a taste of local culture, Shankarpur provides a memorable coastal retreat in West Bengal.